Who We Are?

Active Edu Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a global EdTech company, equipping individuals with global skills and global certifications to benchmark their skill so as to make them globally competent. The Company was founded in 2003 with a broad vision to improve the quality of life of the people through skilling, re-skilling and upskilling.
Transcending traditional methods of education has always been a challenge in the developing world where other resource-requiring priorities are ostensibly illimitable. Someone had to take on that challenge to ascend above the inadequacies and establish what would become the most efficient to preparing learners for the future. Active Edu is the visionary brainchild of its founders, who themselves underwent the research and experience its ups and downs. We sought to make a positive difference in the community through the areas of technological skill development which makes individuals future ready.
Skills are the right and a crucial solution for all economic and social issues. It holds the key to a better life for a billion people: a life with less poverty, better health and an incremented facility to take their future into their own hands.
It is one of the most potent instrument for engendering economic magnification, decrementing the likelihood of conflict, incrementing resilience and impacting future generations with wide-reaching economic and gregarious benefits.

Our Vision

Contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of life of people through knowledge, training and skills development and to ensure ‘Empowerment Development’ and supporting sustainable human capital development.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to develop a globally competent and socially responsible skilled workforce through innovative education practices and hence to be a part of the economic growth of our country.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the philosophy of survival of individuals with required skill sets and aims to skill, upskill and re-skill individuals to become self-reliant and also improve their productivity and employability through industry-recognized job-ready skills and international certifications.

What do we do?


The haste of technological advancement in today’s world is already at a pace where available skills do not match demand. The shortage of capabilities to fill this vacuum is the reason why companies are scrambling for more incipient adeptness sets in certified skills, either in lieu of, or in spite of college/university inculcation. This injunctive authorization for specialized erudition is prevalent in all industries and applies not just to employees but to business owners who face ever growing competition. There’s a gap between employer’s prospects and the college engender. Understanding and meeting the adeptness requisites of the corporate world is a challenge. In the current economic climate, the employers look for skills beyond the degree. One has to understand and accept the fact that the employers are looking for attributes beyond the qualification. Employers look for people who would 'Fit In' and become a valued part of the organization and can commence contributing to get the job done without delay. While high chances are that most of the employers will be on the lookout for some job-categorical skills.

Challenges yet to be overcome

“In such a rapidly evolving employment landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements, job content and the aggregate effect on employment is increasingly critical for businesses, governments and individuals in order to fully seize the opportunities presented by these trends.”

Now the immensely colossal question is how does a fresh graduate equip him/her self to face the challenges in the job market and what are unique amalgamation of skills, attributes and values that are most sought after by the employers from fresh graduates. We Active Edu emphasis on skill development by acting as a fulcrum between academia and corporate and thus bridging the gap between the two. We work with government, non-government, national and international awarding bodies for researching and framing qualification packs for the changing skill sets and not only equip the individuals with skill training but also provide them with industry-driving accreditation and benchmark them with valid globally accepted certification and credentials.
We believe in order to prosper in the current professional climate, in the present competitive scenario where there is a vigorous possibility of abundance of equally qualified and competent candidates it is no secret that a growing number of people prefer to boost their confidence and marketability through additional skill training and certification.

Whether your zeal is getting ahead as an employee or establishing and amending your own organization, here are a few reasons why getting certified is paramount for your future:

  • Documentary Evidence

    Certification boosts your credentials and stands as clear evidence to your employer, co-workers or competitors that you are adept at the job or business you handle. It shows you have procured the highest standards of training and qualification in that area of specialization hence you are a consummate professional.

  • Increases your Chances of Employment

    Certification on your Resume (Curriculum Vitae/CV) makes you a favorite candidate for the job. Employers looking to hire want to be sure you have the cognizance, experience and certifications in your areas of expertise. According to Microsoft’s Certification Program Contentment Study, 91 percent of hiring decisions consider certification as a component of their criteria. In fact, job interview questions generally steer towards specialization, certification and experience much more than the general edifying background of the candidate.

  • Higher pay and get ahead:

    Getting certified does not only demonstrate your commitment to your vocation but withal betokens that you invested in yourself. In turn, employers are more liable to invest in you. A recent salary guide shows that certifications have the potential to increment one’s salary by at least 10 percent. Beyond that, some people engaged in one vocation get certified in another specialty in order to get a component-time job and earn more. Either way, a certified professional virtually always nets higher pay.

  • Up-to-date in your specialization

    To some, the most paramount reason to get certified is that it avails them stay ahead of the competition. It keeps them currently vested in all the technologies and regulations that affect their vocation. Indeed, certification programs offer you a chance to upgrade periodically, unlike a college degree. Learning, after all, is a perpetual process that ensures prosperity far into the future.

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